Monday, 5 September 2011

regrow hair naturally for women

There are many type of treatment for recover hair loss mainly among woman. Undoubtedly, many people out there spends a lot money solely to get best treatment hair baldness solution. There are actually many ways treatment naturally for women hair loss. All of treatment naturally that are mentioned below you can do they in your home. Remember!  The best and safest way to stop hair loss is to use a natural treatment to regrow hair

Firstly, Stimulate Hair Growth With Sulphur. Vegetables that contain high-level sulphur are onions and garlic. How its use is rub some garlic or onion pulps and apply them directly onto your scalp. You must let it 45 minutes and then rinse it out from scalp. Finish! It is easy right.

Secondly, use Herbal Treatment of Hair Loss. Herbal that used for regrow hair are Saw palmetto and green tea. The saw Palmetto is capability to get rid production of DHT. For your information, DHT attach to the follicles avoiding them from absorbing nutrients from the blood. The follicles then become weak and begin to shrink until they eventually disappear. The other herbal treatment for regrow hair is green tea. It act as inhibiting production DHT hormone that can loss of hair excessively and can simultaneously stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness in women who have androgenic alopecia. In science, the tea contains the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which prevents the body from converting testosterone into DHT.

Thirdly, Stimulate Blood Flow to the Scalp. In your body, blood flowing well is very important for hair healthy, so get as blood circulation to your scalp as possible so that mineral and vitamins can reach your hair root. How can get it, simply give yourself a scalp massage every day and just one day you can see its difference. Besides that, this message also can remove dirt and bacteria, which are, can block nutrient out.

Fourthly, adding certain vitamins to the diet.  Certain vitamins can stop thinning hair in women especially vitamin-B and vitamin E. The vitamin-B in order for the body produces more protein to nourish the strands. As well, vitamin E also helps improve blood flow and helps stimulate natural hair growth.

Are you clearly that explained above? Do not waste your time and money. Take action now and apply all what mentioned above and then you can see a change in just a few weeks from now. 
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